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1997, found Arne Jacobsen Series 7 pedestal, plastic copy of 'Brooks' saddle bought in Goa. Collection Adam Brinkworth. brinkworth

Designed for SCP in 1998 Stafford Armchair and Sofa were part of a collaboration with Bute Fabrics. The self coloured GRP shell has solid oak legs and removable covers. Available through SCP.

Kate Macgarry, London 2002.
It was a very enjoyable job to design Kate’s new gallery, and it’s always a pleasure to visit and find the space beautifully organised and with another fresh coat of paint.

Picnics, 2001. Bespoke furniture designed for teaching small groups in ‘breakout spaces’ outside classrooms at the new Jubilee School designed by AHMM in Tulse Hill, London. Based on the concept of picnic furniture, Corian tabletops and benches are supported by solid Beech frames.

Klammer , 2003. Produced for the reading room at 21st Century Dandy, a British Council Touring exhibition designed by Andrew Stafford and curated by Chris Breward and Alice Cicolini. Plywood with leather upholstery.

Andrew Stafford teaches Design Products Platform 2 with Tom Dixon and Martino Gamper at Royal College of Art Design Products. RCA, Martino, Tom

Baby Box, Archive and Crib mk.3, 2001.
A temporary [moses basket] for a baby to sleep in when it is very small, after which it becomes an archive for their childhood memories…Graphic design and help:Paul Elliman mk1, Alex Rich mk2, James Goggin mk3.

"It's one of the most human, intelligent, sensible and practical designs I've seen in a period when style and fashion attract most attention. It restores hope in a better future for design in which practicality prevails over personal statement."
Jasper Morrison Abitare vol.424 Jan 03,

Graham, 2002. Pouf autographed by Graham Norton. This one off Pouf was designed in collaboration with Ella Doran and Spinneybeck, especially for 'Going Twice', a fund raising auction for children's charities organised by Twentytwentyone and Coexistence.

We were commissioned to develop a new exterior furniture scheme for Waterside Café and Lakeside Terrace at Barbican Centre with AHMM. A system of smooth monolithic forms divided by colourful arm and table sections are arranged in bold configurations on the terrace, making a more abstract and playful landscape at terrace level and creating elegant patterns when seen from the many vantage points above.

Swiss, 2005. An injection moulded door wedge produced by Random Product.

The Jubilee school chair was designed with Alex Macdonald for Jubilee School, Lambeth. To reduce costs all six sizes use plyforms produced using only one pair of tools. 2001, Plyforms, colour coded steel underframes.

Lola’s House 2001. I was thinking about a birthday present for my smart, soon to be 2 years old god daughter. Inspiration came from Herzog & de Mueron’s Rudin House and a big pile of IKEA packaging. A Glue Gun ® and Stanley Knife [tm] were used to create a flat pack house which was then decorated by Lola and her brothers and sisters. Not currently in production.

Beeru is a key-ring which will open a bottle of beer.

Bedfordshire, 1996-2003. Two models batch produced by local workshops: B&B has unique pivoting headboards, adjustable for support while reading or taking breakfast in bed, FHB had a single fixed headboard. Smooth rounded KD frames in Maple or Walnut. Leather headboards were also available. Among our clients were architects, librarians and celebrity carpenter Harrison Ford.

For one reason and another Gabriel and Maria were trying out 'one room living'. It was more Tokyo than Hoxton, which may be OK for some people, but Gabriel needed some privacy. He was at that stage in life when you need to be able to disappear and just be on your own. He was going to be 6 next we built him an indoor treehouse. It is supported by some shelves for Maria's books (she's a teacher) and an access ladder. Gabriel has a bed upstairs and some personal storage. The front facade is a panel of linked "Norway" louvres, so he can either be a butterfly or a hermit depending on his mood. Out of ten, how happy was he?

Lux is a new bed manufactured by SCP. It was launched at Saloni del Mobil in Milan 2002.It is made from solid timber and plyforms, and is available in five colours through SCP.

The smoothing plane is so called because it is used for smoothing things. Works best on wood. Model illustrated manufactured by Stanley.

Tablet is a range of desks and tables designed for SCP. The desks have seamless leather surfaces for writing. The tables are available in timber or laminate with timber edges.

Alphabeta is a hand tufted rug for ETC. Alphabeta is also a plywood furniture design for childsply at twentytwentyone, it is now being produced by Oreka kids and is called Alphabetti Biscotti.

Birdbox 2001
A redundant burglar alarm is transformed into a nice new home for a family of five.
Exhibited in Tokyo and London.

Canvas 1988 - Present 500mm x 500mm Edition of 12 Project working on specially prepared canvas with painting and screen printing process.
"O level woodwork" is in praise of K.Grcic [1999].
"Roy Orbinson" is about RO before he was famous (again) [1993].
"Lemon yellow is not enough" is for E.Sottsass jnr [1998].
"Buon Appetito" is a homage to italian food [2005].
"The Wednesday" is a quote from Tango the topless supporter [2003].
"Peace, Love, Understanding" Anti-war mailout [2001].

"Why is modern architecture grey Mummy?"
A collaboration with artist and colourist Charlotte Ingle. Exhibited at Tablet in 2000 in a show with the same title. 250 x 250 x 750h ABS waste paper bins and NCS colour swatches.

Eames potatoes
Low budget seating for the under fives at
'Why is mordern architecture grey,
Mummy?' 2000. Eames Potatoes is a London
based potato supplier to the Fish and
Chip trade.

This camera was designed in collaboration with Mr.Miles, Mr.Murray and Mr. Sorrell of Fuel for their book FUEL 3000.

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